Capture Your School’s Year in Style

We are thrilled to announce the release of our brand-new collection of ‘Year In Review’ templates, exclusively designed for our Yearbook software. This exquisite set of ten templates spans a diverse range of categories including News, Movies, Music, Culture, Technology, Sports, and more, each crafted to capture the essence of your school year memorably and engagingly.

Years In Review Yearbook

Our templates are not just visually stunning; they are thoughtfully designed with empty photo placeholders and creative titles, complemented by hints and suggestions. These guides are tailored to inspire you to fill in the blanks with content that resonates with your school’s unique location and the diverse ages of your students. Whether you’re documenting significant global events or celebrating local achievements, our templates offer the perfect canvas to showcase your school’s highlights, adventures, and spirit.

Years in Review offers the ultimate time capsule experience!