The Magic of Holiday Pages

As the leaves change color and the air grows colder, our thoughts inevitably turn to the festive season ahead. This year, why not capture the spirit of these celebrations in your yearbook? We propose a few dedicated pages to showcase your school’s holiday spirit, a kaleidoscope of traditions, memories, and joyous moments.

Holiday book templates

Why It Matters for Your Yearbook

Inclusion of holiday pages is more than just a decorative idea. It’s a chance to engage more students to make this yearbook more fun. These pages would stand as a testament to your creativity and unity, setting your yearbook apart as one that truly represents every facet of student life.

A Call for Student Participation

This is where the magic happens – Invite all students to share their holiday photos, stories, and artwork, as their contributions will bring these pages to life.

Making It Happen

You will need to plan carefully to make these pages a reality. Submissions should be organized by a dedicated team, ensuring that everyone’s contributions find a place. A timeline will be set, giving everyone ample time to create and contribute.