Yearbook superlative layout

Why Superlatives Make Yearbooks Fun

Think of superlatives as the fun stickers on your school folders. They make yearbooks exciting by adding jokes and fabulous memories about our friends. These unique notes can make us laugh and remember the good times when we look back at the yearbook later on. It’s like adding a little extra magic to our school memories!

Being Kind with Funny Superlatives

Jokes and fun notes are great, but we must ensure no one feels bad because of them. Sometimes, even if we’re trying to be funny, someone might get upset. We want our yearbook to be a happy place for everyone. So, when we think of funny notes or jokes, we should always ensure they are kind and won’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Everyone should feel unique and respected!

Finding the right superlative for each student

  • Know Your Students: Begin by getting a good sense of what your students are like. Think about their hobbies, passions, and what makes each unique.
  • Ask Other Students: Let classmates suggest or vote on superlatives for one another. Friends often have fun and kind ideas about each other.
  • Ask the Student: Letting students pick superlatives for themselves can be cool. This lets them show off a fun side or something they’re proud of.
  • Ask Teachers: Teachers see students in class every day and might have unique ideas based on what they’ve noticed over time.
  • Think Outside the Box: Instead of just “most likely to be president,” think of fun and unique titles like “biggest bookworm” or “class comedian.”
  • Include Everyone: Make sure there’s something for everyone, from sports to arts to hobbies and everything in between.
  • Get Feedback: Before you decide, ask some students and teachers what they think of the superlatives to ensure they’re a good fit.
  • Stay Positive: Make the superlatives fun so everyone feels good about them.
  • Ask Questions: If you can, chat with students. Asking them about their favorite school memories can help you think of a superlative.
  • Look at Old Yearbooks: See what superlatives were used before. This can give you ideas and help you use the same ones sparingly.

The goal is to celebrate every student’s unique qualities, making them feel special and recognized.


  • Most likely to become President.
  • Most likely to write a best-selling novel.
  • Best dressed.
  • Most likely to win an Olympic medal.
  • Always seen with a cup of coffee.
  • Best person to have on your trivia team.
  • Most likely to become a famous influencer.
  • Best smile.
  • Always has the answer in class.
  • Most likely to start a revolutionary movement.
  • Best laugh.
  • Most likely to be found at the library.
  • Most likely to travel around the world.
  • Future host of a popular talk show.
  • Most likely to invent something groundbreaking.
  • Most likely to lose their phone…while it’s in their hand.
  • Best impersonator of teachers.
  • Most likely to arrive fashionably late to graduation.
  • King/Queen of Dad Jokes.
  • Most likely to become a meme.
  • Can’t live without Wi-Fi award.
  • Most likely to be on a reality TV show.
  • Best “wrong answer, but tried” in class.
  • Always in class, but somehow not on the attendance.
  • Most likely to have a pet named after a snack.
  • Best person to binge-watch a series with.
  • Most likely to accidentally go viral.
  • Professional nap enthusiast.
  • Most likely to bring a llama as their prom date.
  • Best unexpected dance moves at random times.


  • Best storyteller of the class.
  • Always ready with a joke.
  • Most likely to break a world record.
  • Best binder and pencil case organization.
  • Always seen with a new book.
  • Most adventurous at recess.
  • Most likely to be a future artist.
  • Always the first to help a friend.
  • Best collection of colorful backpacks.
  • Future superhero in disguise.
  • Always shares the best snacks.
  • Best dance moves.
  • Most creative imagination.
  • Most likely to discover a new dinosaur.
  • Best role model for younger students.
  • Most likely to eat their homework (and claim the dog did it).
  • Best negotiator for extra recess time.
  • Most likely to trade their sandwich for a cookie.
  • Can tell the tallest tales without batting an eye.
  • Best dramatic reaction to a minor paper cut.
  • Most likely to name all the school’s squirrels.
  • Future career as a chocolate tester.
  • Professional hide and seek champion.
  • Most likely to start a recess dance-off.
  • Best “my fish can do tricks” stories.
  • Most creative explanations for unfinished homework.
  • Always ready for an indoor snowball fight.
  • Best impersonator of cartoon characters.
  • Most likely to turn homework into origami.
  • Most elaborate tales of “what I did this weekend.”


  • Most colorful crayon user.
  • Best builder with blocks.
  • Future zookeeper with all the stuffed animals.
  • Best singer in the morning circle.
  • Always has the best snack box.
  • Most likely to be found in a fairy tale world.
  • Brightest smile during story time.
  • Most stylish play-dough creations.
  • Future astronaut, always reaching for the stars.
  • Best hug giver in the class.
  • Most curious explorer at playtime.
  • Future detective, always finding lost toys.
  • Best listener during nap time stories.
  • Most likely to befriend magical creatures.
  • Best imaginary adventures.
  • Most likely to have glitter in unexpected places.
  • Best “I swear my toy can talk” stories.
  • Future spaghetti noodle sculptor.
  • Most likely to start a band with pots and pans.
  • Future career in cookie testing.
  • Most passionate about mismatched socks.
  • Best pirate impersonation during playtime.
  • Most likely to declare the floor is lava.
  • King/Queen of funny faces.
  • Best at making mud pies and serving them at tea.
  • Most convinced they have a pet dragon.
  • Enthusiastic tester of the five-second rule.
  • Best unexpected answers to simple questions.
  • Most likely to open a store selling invisible things.
  • Expert in turning any object into a phone.

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