Memento Yearbook provides a complete turnkey solution for elementary, middle and high school yearbook publishing.

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«In the Panel Editor, … the Visual tab is SICK! It’s like the cherry on top of the sundae! I can’t believe you can do all that cool stuff and so many things work independently of each other».

Christine Christianson, PicturePlus

«I love that Memento is web-based, so I can access my projects from anywhere!»

Mary, School and Sport Pics

«Memento is definitely easy enough for an elementary school student to work on the yearbook yet there are tools for advanced designers.»

Alex Ramirez, Sunset School Portraits

«The software is fantastic and so user friendly, so I’m excited!»

Jane Yoshimura, DesertSands Unified School District

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Memento Yearbook can be used to produce a digital file that can be viewed security via an online app.

Memento Yearbook is distributed to full-service school photography and yearbook companies providing printing services to their clients. If your school or photo studio is not affiliated to a yearbook printing company, we can help. Please click here for more information. 

More information

Memento Yearbook is licensed as one book per license. Each book requires its own license, though you can have more than one project/book available under your account (eg. a school yearbook, a supplement, and a sports book can all be made under one account using three licenses).

Memento Yearbook is licensed as one book per license. Your license does not have a fixed expiration date (though your yearbook printing company may have a submission deadline). Once your book is submitted, your license duration is complete. Note project files will be retained for a year then permanently deleted to ensure online privacy is maintained. Content left on incomplete books abandoned for 1 year will also be deleted after reminder notifications have been sent.

Click here to access the terms of use and privacy info.
For information on Children’s Online Privacy Protection, Click here.

Images and projects are safely stored and backed up on an array of Amazon AWS servers to ensure that your work is protected.

Currently, a storefront to sell yearbooks, ad space, and digital yearbooks may be added to your account.

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