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Where Your Yearbook’s Story Becomes Art

Memento Yearbook: Your Go-To Design Solution for Schools, Sports, and Organizations.

We get it—creating a yearbook is a big task and time is precious. Whether you’re a design beginner or a seasoned pro, our user-friendly software is here to simplify the process.

Start your effortless journey to a standout, professional-quality yearbook today.

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Yearbook Book Manager

Book Manager

Yearbook Cover Editor

Cover Editor

Yearbook Newspaper Layout

Editorial Layout & Emojis

Yearbook Comic Layout

Comic Layout Example

Yearbook Portrait Editor

Portrait Editor

Yearbook Photo Album

Photo Album Manager

Discover Unmatched Functionality!

Our product is packed with innovative and practical features—too many to list here.
Explore a few highlights that set us apart!

  • Team Collaboration Made Easy

  • Gather Candid Photos Anywhere

  • Apply Pro Deluxe Layouts in one click

  • Thousands of clipart

  • Class Portraits Design Made Easy
  • Online Storefront Ordering System
  • Easy Review & Proofing Process

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We take child online safety seriously

Memento Yearbook is the first product that is truly compliant (Coppa) with even the most rigorous child online privacy protection legislation – including book creation, user accounts, and data management.

Our company compliance guideline

Your Success, Our Priority!

Providing top-notch yearbook software is just the start. We’re committed to standing by your side every step of the way, ensuring your experience is seamless and your creations are spectacular.

Your vision, our support – we’re here for you.

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A Snapshot of Our Accelerated Growth in 4 Years

From Small Studios to Publishing Giants: Memento Yearbook Fuels Your Rise.

5 weekly sessions dedicated to empowering publishers and schools — we’re in this together!
We’re not just serving; we’re exceeding expectations!
With Amazon Web Services and daily backups, your data isn’t just stored; it’s treasured.
Your child’s online safety isn’t just a standard; it’s our promise.

Doubling Down on Success – Watch Us Growing!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to questions many of you have asked.

Is Memento Yearbook secure?2023-08-20T14:25:51+00:00

Absolutely! We utilize HTTPS SSL encryption for all our processes, are fully COPPA compliant, follow strict compliance guidelines, and leverage the advanced Amazon Web Services to ensure utmost reliability.

Do you have privacy policy?2023-08-20T14:32:16+00:00

Yes, ensuring privacy and transparent terms is crucial for the safety of you and your customers. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Do you backup the Yearbook?2023-08-20T14:50:09+00:00

MementoPix values your creations. We perform daily backups of everything and securely store it with Amazon Web Services for enhanced security and dependability. Moreover, each edit you make in the Yearbook editor is individually tagged with an ID. So, if a mistake occurs, we can restore your book to almost the exact moment it happened!

Who can print my yearbook?2023-08-20T14:38:58+00:00

Memento Yearbook caters to full-service Studios, School photographers, and yearbook companies that offer printing to their clientele. If your school or photo studio isn’t linked with a yearbook printer, we’re here to assist.

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Can I create just a PDF yearbook using Memento Yearbook for my school?2023-08-20T14:44:09+00:00

Absolutely, you can use Memento Yearbook to generate a PDF. Reach out to us if you’re not seeking comprehensive printing services; we’re here to assist!

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Our story

We have lived through the dawn of the digital revolution. In the last two decades, we have witnessed the evolution of the photography business from a paper-based, time-consuming, expert-oriented field to one where anyone can create on-demand quality images. But have we the tools needed to preserve those memories evolved in step?

At MementoPix, we ask ourselves important but very basic questions: What if any one, regardless of technical ability or design skill, could make something beautiful, timeless and sharable from their images? In our modern distracted world, do people have the time to make something from their treasure trove of photos? What if there were intuitive pro-quality tools that would remove the drudgery from design, leaving only the fun & creative aspects of the task and letting them focus on the joy of photography?

We at MementoPix think we can do better – we can give amateurs and professionals the next-generation applications they need. Beautiful photo albums in minutes, creative team-built yearbooks, and other photo products that will preserve memories as digital and printed keepsakes to be shared with friends, families and communities. Using our decade and a half of experience working in the pro-photography, hobbyist and professional printing industries, we seek to build elegant tools that don’t sacrifice creativity and customization for the sake of efficiency and automation. You can save time, you can save money, you can make beautiful products and you can have fun – all at the same time.

Who we are

The MementoPix staff hails from Montreal’s vibrant visual effects, digital imaging and graphic design industries, as well as other multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Our experienced team is united by our curiosity to learn new things and build better tools collaboratively. Our evolution is driven by our customers and we welcome feedback from all sectors of the industry.

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